HAWK Proportioner Mill

HAWK Proportioner Mill

  • Designed for continuous use
  • From 7 ½ hp to 15 hp main mill drive
  • For production of all types of animal feed rations

The Hawk Proportioner Mill has been designed for heavy duty work. Day in day out. All welded construction for total rigidity. The unit will blend up to 8 different ingredients simultaneously including medication.

Overall Dimensions

HAWK Proportioner Mill Dimensions

Continuous Flow Process Of Milling And Mixing

The HAWK Proportioner Mill from Farm Feed Systems Ltd. provides a system of continuous flow milling and mixing of up to 6 ingredients plus antibiotics or minerals without the need for weighing and batch mixing. Once the dials on the Proportioner have been set and the machine started, the whole process continues without attendant labour.

Having calibrated the rations it is then only a simple job to 'Dial' the ration required, direct the output to the appropriate hopper, press the start button and the machine will do the rest. It is even possible to incorporate a time clock to start the mill at night using cheaper electricity.

To prevent production of unbalanced rations the unit is automatically stopped if any ingredient runs out or if the feed becomes blocked. Safety switches also switch off the mill if the feed augers become jammed or choked. Magnets are fitted to remove any tramp metal.

Output per horsepower is increased and dust kept to a minimum by the elimination of pneumatic conveying. An auger delivery system is supplied with each unit.

Method Of Operation

Ingredients are ducted from overhead hoppers, augers, or a combination of both into inlet hoppers, from which the proportioner takes over to 'measure' the correct proportion of each ingredient for the ration selected. Once set, the Proportioner remains constant until reset for a different ration.


Farm Feeds HAWK Proportioner Mills are simple to install. They can be supplied as separate units or incorporated into a complete Farm Feed Systems Ltd. feed installation. They can be combined with a Farm Feed Systems Ltd. Pelleter to form an automatic feed processing plant which minimises work, speeds output and reduces costs. A full range of hoppers, augers, bucket elevators plus a host of ancillary equipment is available to suit individual needs.

Complete plants can be selected from the standard range or we can design a system to meet your precise needs.

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Farm Feed Systems was established in 1999 originally concentrating on the provision of Animal Feed Mills to farmers and specialist feed manufacturers throughout the world. The company continues to manufacture and support these products.

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