Forest Showcase-Food and Drink Festival in the Forest of Dean

On Sunday 4 October representatives of Farm Feed Systems Ltd. visited Forest Showcase-Food and Drink Festival in the Forest of Dean.

A part of supporting best local produce from the area, the aim of the visit was to contact people from Resilience Centre in Woolaston.

The Centre activity focused on sustainable solutions and presented demonstrations and talks throughout the event.

Renewable technology has a big potential in the Forest of Dean with tidal lagoons, wind and wood resources.

The Forest could generate more than 100% the energy it needs as well as bring jobs and money to the local economy. Farm Feed Systems can contribute to these projects with our equipment for biomass processing.

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Farm Feed Systems was established in 1999 originally concentrating on the provision of Animal Feed Mills to farmers and specialist feed manufacturers throughout the world. The company continues to manufacture and support these products.

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