All Commercial Feed Compounders Use Steam Injection on the Pellet Mills

When taking a decision to buy Farm Feed Systems pelleting equipment our potential customers usually ask questions about quality of pellets produced and the difference between “cold” pellet production and steam injection during the process.

All commercial feed compounders use steam injection on the pellet mills. This is arguably to condition the meal before entering the pellet chamber. It is also argued that pre heated meal can improve pellet press efficiency. At FFS we have never advocated the use of steam injection. It can be a very dangerous hazard if miss-used and has little or no significant benefit.

Customers often receive very "dusty" pellets from commercial compounders which impacts on animal’s performance.

The reasons for dust are:

  • The compounders are constantly changing feed formulations to maximise profitability. However, the geometry in the pellet dies that produce the pellets is only suitable for any one specific formulation. This means that when the formula is changed, it is often results in production of much softer and less durable pellets.
  • Another profit motivated reason is that the softer the pellet, the greater the pellet mill output with the lowest acceptable quality.
  • Pellet dies slowly loose their performance as they wear. This means that the pellets will also slowly become softer. Although it’s possible to counter this wear by very slightly increasing moisture content, there is a limit to the amount of moisture that can be added.
  • Again for profit reasons, pellet dies are made to run for as long as possible due to the many thousands of pounds that it can cost to replace them. Also, the vast majority of pellet dies are manufactured overseas and if there is a delayed delivery on a replacement die, then the Mill managers may be forced to run an old die beyond its usable life.

At Farm Feed Systems we make our own pellet dies in the factory, we can tune the compression of a pellet die to specifically suit the customers formulation. This means that the pellets produced will always be of the correct durability with no dust (providing formulations are not altered in your case). Our pellet mills are also equipped with an “on line” water injection capability for MC adjustments as wear takes place.

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