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Animal Feed Equipment Manufacturer, Farm Feed Systems Ltd. is a UK company based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. . We specialise in bespoke design, manufacturing and installation of animal feed equipment for producing pellets for animal feed. With growth popularity of organic products industry we provide small businesses and farmers equipment enabling them to produce for their animals a diet as natural as possible.

Our traditional business is based on small “on Farm” mill, mix and pellet applications for animal feed. Our animal feed equipment plants feature a unique Proportioner hammer mill which facilitates both milling and mixing of up to 6 separate ingredients simultaneously. Medication in powder form can also be injected and mixed with milled rations. Farm Feed Systems pellet mills are capable of outputs up to 2000kgs per hour with pellet diameters ranging between 2.4mm and 16mm.

In 2011 the Company introduced a small MINI PRESS in response to demand for a budget price pellet mill capable of producing small quantities of pellets for home use. This Mill was designed primarily to enable customers to make pellets for home use via a single phase 3 pin plug. Many have been sold for several applications including organic chicken feed, bird food, fish food, wood and pyrethrum to mention just a few. We help our customers with animal feed equipment installation, operator training. Customer support is always a priority regardless of where in the world our equipment requires attention.

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Animal feed equipment plant

Mini press

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A Little About Us

Farm Feed Systems was established in 1999 originally concentrating on the provision of Animal Feed Mills to farmers and specialist feed manufacturers throughout the world. The company continues to manufacture and support these products.

Contact Us

Farm Feed Systems Ltd
Foxes Bridge Road, Forest Vale Industrial Estate
GL14 2PQ

Tel: 01594 825106

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