Five Steps to getting your plant up and running

Step 1 - Preliminary Advice

Five Steps to getting your plant up and running

FFS Pellet Mills need to understand some basic information to produce an outline price and specification for your Pellet Mill equipment.

Usually we need to know:

  • What type of raw materials you are expecting to process
  • How many different ingredients are to be milled together
  • Whether these materials are “dry” ie, below 15% moisture content
  • Whether they are a consistent size – below 20mm x 5mm, or do they need chopping into this size in the production line
  • What volume of raw material are you trying to process, or what output per hour is required from the plant
  • Do you want the line to be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual

Step 2 – Outline estimate

From the details above, we can estimate the typical cost of a plant to similar to what you will need. As a general guide, our plants are typically between £40,000 and £300,000 ex-works, depending on output.

Step 3 – Grant Funding and financial support

We have access to a wide variety of websites and contact names that might help you file a grant application. Typically in the UK, biomass projects are supported by grant funding, although timing of the application and the various grant cycles can affect the rate of success. There are also many regional incentives.

Step 4 – Firm quotation and full specification

FFS Pellet Mills will prepare a detailed quotation and full specification when you are ready to bring the project on stream.

Step 5 – Delivery and Assembly

The biomass Pellet mill will be ready for despatch usually within 12 weeks from the date of the official order. For overseas deliveries, the materials will be protected and wrapped for shipping inside sea containers. We will supervise assembly on site, and oversee electrical wiring. Commissioning of the plant and training are also undertaken to ensure your line is operating efficiently from the start.

Five Steps to getting your plant up and running

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